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AMOS Software is a software distribution and technology company specializing in marketing graphics applications for traditional, Internet, and multimedia publications, as well as applications for electronic distribution and archiving solutions.  Amos Software focuses on the needs of individuals, companies, and governmental and public administration entities for content-rich communication applications with ever-improving quality and availability that are not dependent on the equipment used.  Amos Software is one of the largest central- and eastern European distributors of Adobe Systems products, including Macromedia products; and a foremost distributor of Wacom graphic tablets.  AMOS also distributes products made by ACDSystems, Alien Skin, Comnet, Enfocus, Extensis, Hot Door, Quite, URW and Woodwing.  These together with Adobe Systems products, constitute a large-scale portfolio of graphics software.

AMOS Software is also active in the area of document and form development relating to the optimization of organizational processes in the form of document-based Adobe LiveCycle server applications for commercial and government clients.  In delivering these solutions, AMOS Software works together with foremost system integrators.  Part of the solution includes complex delivery of services including analysis, proposals, realization and implementation, support, and consulting/advisory functions.

AMOS Software was established in 1993, when it began to supply the Czech market with electronic typesetting and publishing applications, primarily by Aldus.  When Aldus was acquired by the American company Adobe Systems in 1995, AMOS Software became an Adobe Systems authorized distributor.  Today, AMOS is the original and primary supplier of publication solutions and graphics applications on the Czech and Slovak markets.  Since 1995, AMOS Software has also devoted itself to adapting Adobe products to the Czech language environment.

AMOS Software also authors localization of Adobe products, which both experts and lay users have always valued highly.  AMOS, in cooperation with third parties, has recently become involved in custom implementation of solutions and systems integration of Adobe products into highly complex intra-organization and publishing systems.  Finally, AMOS is a provider of a wide range of training courses and seminars for products that it delivers.

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